CSCP Certification Cost

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CSCP Certification Cost

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Become a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)- Earn 40% more with a CSCP certification

Tap the power of your supply networks to streamline processes, enhance collaboration and boost the bottom-line.

Is the CSCP program right for you?

Now more than ever before, supply chain is essential for businesses to run, consumers to get the goods they need and society to function. APICS Certified Supply Chain Certification (CSCP) is the playbook you need to understand and deliver this critical process.

The comprehensive program covers everything you need to know across the global supply chain, from suppliers to customers and back again. Earning your CSCP designation shows that you have the skills to prepare for and overcome disruption, manage risk, and evaluate and implement modern supply chain technologies.

CSCP content covers the following key topics:

  • Supply Chains, Demand Management and Forecasting
  • Global Supply Chain Networks
  • Sourcing Products and Services
  • Internal Operations and Inventory
  • Forward and Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain Relationships
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Optimization, Sustainability and Technology

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